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My streaming plans have so far been a non-show – so in order to get things kick-started, I’ve actually set up a Ustream channel (here). To start with, I’ll be broadcasting my laptop, pointed at my amp. I will be recording these for my own amusement, and personal improvement (is my timing really that bad), and in the spirit of the Internet, all are welcome to join.

Live Stream I :: The(e) Speaking Canaries :: The Joy of Wine

The Joy of Wine


So, I’ve been thinking about sharing cool and unusual music on the web (specifically on this website) in a cool and unusual way, and I want to give live streams a go. Just sitting and listening to an album the whole way through is a rare enough thing in the MP3 era anyway, so the primary goal is to get me to sit down and listen to something from start to finish. And just like I write this website for myself and if people want to read it then that’s cool too, doing a live stream of an album is an open invitation for anyone else to join in should they so desire.

Maybe we can get some kind of ‘internet music book club’ type vibe happening.

So without further ado, I’d like to cordially invite anyone who cares to my inaugural weirdo online listening party, the subject of which will be the amazing and supremely hip debut album by The(e) Speaking Canaries – The Joy of Wine. It will be held on this very website (I will have sort out a Ustream channel or something similar) at 10:30AM GMT, Saturday 22nd June 2013.


I’m postponing the first stream until later in the week, having found myself woefully under equipped for such an undertaking. Cables have been ordered.