No Longer For Sale :: !!

The response to my recent gear sale was really positive, and I thank everyone who got in touch with enquiries about the amps, pedals, and guitars that I had for sale. Amazing how many people from around the world came across my little clear out!

Anyway, my apologies for not posting this sooner – May entailed the small matters of finishing my degree, and starting a new job, so I was unable to get the time to update the site – the original batch of gear has been sold. So, if you’re after the Jazz Chorus, Princeton, Mark IV, Mark IIB, Esprit, Poly Chorus, Small Stone, StarTouch ABY, Cry Baby, or any of the other myriad pieces of kit I had available, they’ve all gone!

Having sold all this gear, I’ve been flush with cash, which I’ve already sunk into more gear. Build pics for my new rig will be forthcoming. Additionally, there are a few ‘experimental’ bits that I’ll likely be selling on if they don’t gel with my new rig.

Thanks for all your enquiries!

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