Web & Coding Tools for Mac OS X

Here’s three essential tools for anyone who uses Mac OS X for coding or remote admin.

FTP: FileZilla

If you work on a remote machine of any sort the chances are you’re going to need to send files to and from your local terminal.

FileZilla is not just the best open source FTP client I’ve ever used, it’s the best FTP client I’ve ever used period – it’s fast, free and dead easy to use, as well as being available for all three major platforms. I can’t recommend the Mac OS X version highly enough – it’s essential.

You can grab the latest version of FileZilla here, and remember, it’s donation-ware so if you love it, hit up PayPal and help out.



Text Editor: TextWrangler

‘What’s the best text editor?’ is an age-old argument amongst command-line *nix fans (personally, I don’t see why anyone would want to use anything other than GNU nano, while others swear by vi or emacs). In the GUI domain of Mac OS X, TextWrangler is king.

Whilst not open source, TextWrangler is still free – it is positioned by Bare Bones Software as the ‘little brother’ to their commercial ‘BBEdit’ package – and comes loaded with features, including the ability to load and save remote files using FTP, and syntax highlighting for many common programming languages.

TextWrangler is available for download on the Mac App Store, or direct from the developer if you’re not running Snow Leopard.

Database Management: Sequel Pro

The often rather dull job of database administration is made infinitely quicker and easier by a management program like Sequel Pro.

Whilst MySQL is a hugely powerful and essential tool for running the backend of a website, managing databases at the command line is something I try and avoid as much as possible. Thanks to Sequel Pro, I can administer MySQL databases remotely and without having to type a single line of code.

Although the program takes care of much of the ‘behind the scenes’ action, you can still open the console and follow along with each database operation. This is a great way to become more familiar with MySQL syntax without having to spend hours and hours at a command line to work out how to accomplish the operation you want to perform.

Like FileZilla, Sequel Pro is an open source project with donations encouraged.

You can download the program it straight from the applicationĀ homepage, or have a browse around the site to get hold of the source if you want to build-it-yourself.

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