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BRB – Glastonbury Festival 2011

For the next week or so I’ll be camping in the middle of a hopefully dry field, soaking up music, vibes and possibly even sunshine at the world famous Glastonbury Festival.

Of course, for the less committed geek this would spell disaster – a whole week without my MacBook?…without Wi-Fi?…outdoors?

Luckily, my party this year are all smartphone addicts (three parts iPhone, one part BlackBerry), and we’re going to be sharing a Shenzhen-special battery-powered USB charging station. This means I’ll be Tweeting, Instagramming, WordPressing and generally getting as far from the party spirit as possible over glorious 3G for the whole week. I’m also taking equipment for making fresh coffee.

The trip is going to be equal parts 2011 and Glastonbury for me, and while I’m pretty sure VMWare don’t have a tent, it’s not going to be totally disconnected. [Prays for sunshine…and signal]

iPhone 3G Crashed During Restore [Unbricked]

I was restoring my iPhone 3G (iOS 4.2.1) on my Mac when iTunes suddenly and unexpectedly quit. All I was left with on the screen was the Apple logo and a static progress bar. The thing wouldn’t even power off at all (I had to open it and disconnect all the ribbons from the logic board to cut the power) and the ‘helpful solutions’ from the internet all seem to revolve around Jailbreaking, which I’m not into.

Opening, I noticed an easter egg error message:

Jun 11 12:04:35 imac iTunesHelper[489]: _MobileDeviceConnect_locked (thread 0x7fff706eaca0): This is not the droid you're looking for (is actually Move along, move along.

Funny, but pretty jarring considering my phone was broken. There was very little information about this particular console log entry online, but it seemed to point to the device being locked in a semi-restored limbo.

I even tried using Jailbreak tools – for Macintosh and Windows – to force the thing into recovery mode. No avail.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the way I managed to get the thing working again:

– Open up your phone (ifixit has great guides)

– Disconnect all the ribbon cables from the mainboard

– Leave the phone for a few hours

I left the stripped down phone on my desk, went shopping for two or thee hours and plugged it in on my return. To my amazement, I was given the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen. iTunes initially recognised the phone was in recovery mode and offered to install the latest firmware. I accepted, and it downloaded and attempted to install. However, I was informed that the device was ‘Not Eligible’ for the file downloaded. The iPhone then – astonishingly – rebooted straight into iOS, with all of my old files, contacts and apps present.

While this might not be completely scientific, I encourage anyone with a ‘bricked’ 3G to persevere. Try disconnecting everything from the logic board – it worked for me. Bizarre.


Instagram has been added to the sidebar <<<—- (over there). The pictures are really pretty cool I think, especially when you take pictures of old Nintendos or guitars.

I first tested the app on an iPhone 4, and wasn’t expecting it to work too well on my old 3G, but in actual fact it loads faster and is more reliable than the built in camera app. The processing time for each image is pretty decent too, considering the now ancient CPU the 3G is rocking. Good times.