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Tutorial Series: Linux Command Line Basics

Last week, I published a seven part series of posts introducing some of the key concepts, commands and techniques of the Linux/Unix command line. Here’s an index of the topics covered to help you find what you’re after.


Linux Command Line Basics Part III: Files & Directories

Knowing basic *nix terminal commands is an absolute must for any computer pro. Whether you use Windows, Mac OS or Linux, you’re bound to face the command prompt at some stage, so here’s my crash course in CLI. In Part 3, I’ll be covering creation, deletion and manipulation of files and directories.

File Operations


‘cp’ is Unix’s copy file command. It takes two arguments – source & destination. If no directory is specified, cp assumes that the files are contained in the working directory, however you can explicitly specify the source, destination or both without having to navigate to either location. In the example below, the user has copied the existing file ‘presentation.ppt’ to a new file ‘old-presentation.ppt’ in the folder ‘Archive’.

Copying 'presentation.ppt' to a new file in a different folder