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New Old Gear :: Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+



Finally, after years of Boogie ownership, experiments with Fender amps, boutique pedals, and a Dumble clone, the real deal has landed. The amp is a 1983 IIC, upgraded to a C+ in 2011 (along with fresh filter caps, new tubes, and a service by Mike B). I have paired it with what looks to be a 2000s compact Thiele cabinet, with the C90 swapped out for an EVM12L.

Before writing about or recording the amp I want to spend more time experimenting, trying different cabs, FX, and guitars. But after a week of ownership I’m still giddy – I have yet to find something it doesn’t excel at. Some notes – it’s got the killer lead of the IIB with just enough of the refinement of the IV (it’s actually borderline magic); the clean is (dare I say it) punchier and fuller than my Deluxe Reverb; it takes pedals (dare I say it) better than the Deluxe; it’s totally silent in operation and switching channels; it sounds incredible even at low volume…

I could go on, and I will, but for now it’s time to bask.

For Sale :: Mesa/Boogie 1×12 Cabinet

Mesa/Boogie 1×12 cabinet with an EVM12L speaker. Comes with the original slip cover.

There is a (very) slight tear in the grille cloth, and I’ve connected a 1.5m cable directly to the speaker as the jack socket got to be a bit loose (this does not affect the performance of the cab in any way).

Other than that, it’s in great condition, and is an awesome sounding cabinet.

£200 ono, email [redacted] No longer for sale, enjoy the pictures!



For Sale :: Mesa/Boogie Mark IV B

Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1×12 combo. Awesome amplifier with more features than almost anything else out there; supremely versatile, and exquisitely built. Electro-Voice EVM12L speaker.

I’ve had this amp for the best part of 10 years, and it’s in beautiful condition. Comes with the FU-3 foot switch and original slip cover.

£1050 ono. Email [redacted] No longer for sale, enjoy the pictures!