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For Sale :: 1981 Mesa/Boogie Mark IIB

For sale here is my 1981 Mark IIB combo amp. The amp is HRGX spec – 100W, reverb, graphic EQ, with the voltage-switchable export transformer – and is finished in cream tolex. Aside from the reverb knob missing from the back panel of the amp, it’s in beautiful condition.

A truly awesome sounding amp, a shame to see it go.

Comes with a flight case and footswitch.

Enquiries to [redacted] No longer for sale, enjoy the pictures!

£900 ono







New Pedal :: xotic BB Preamp

I visited Regent Sounds Studio in Denmark Street earlier this week to test out a few pedals and was totally blown away by the BB Preamp by xotic effects, USA.

Testing with a Telecaster, and straight into the front of a Fender Princeton reissue, I was originally comparing the xotic AC Booster and Wampler Paisley Drive. I loved the tone of the Paisley in a YouTube clip I’d watched the night before, and was particularly excited because that clip had been recorded with a Tele and a ’70s SF Princeton (just like mine). When it came to testing it out ‘in the flesh’, however, the xotic pedals came up trumps. One of my highest priorities in choosing this stompbox was transparency, and it’s perfectly possible to set the AC and the BB where you just won’t notice they’re on. The Wampler, on the other hand, had a bit of an EQ agenda. I’m sure it’s a really, really clear pedal, and it definitely has a great drive sound…but man, next to the xotic boxes it was way, way too colourful.

When it came to deciding between the AC and the BB it was a pretty tough choice, but the BB, with more drive on tap, just seems a bit more flexible. So far I’ve been enjoying it into the front of my Princeton, but the rig in the picture above is waiting to be experimented with. This thing is a total chameleon, so if I get some time I’d love to do a video of it with a few different amps. For now, it’ll be rocking in conjunction with my 1981 Mark IIB and ’09 Deluxe Telecaster.


Mark IIB MESA/Boogie


My 1981 Mark II Boogie has been out of action for a couple of weeks after a preamp tube failure. I swapped in some JJ 12AX7s (not my favourites, but still) from my Ceriatone Overtone Special yesterday to get it back up and running – super, super classic tone. There is nothing more fun than revisiting an amp like this…super super tone. Nice.

EDIT: Apparently the preamp tubes were not at fault – the relay has been isolated as the cause of the issue I’ve been having with the amp. Bugger.