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More Roland Jazz Chorus JC-50

One of my YouTube clips from late 2009 of the Roland Jazz Chorus JC-50 amp. There’s really not that much content on this amp about online so I’ll be recording some more samples soon. For now, enjoy.

Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus Amplifier

Footage shot on the kitchen floor sometime last summer. Amazing clean amplifier with a legendary chorus sound and killer reverb.

Roland JC-50 / Fender Princeton in Stere-ero

My mission for this week is to record a new YouTube video. For now, here’s the last clip I uploaded back in August. I’m running a Telecaster into a BOSS DD-3 digital delay set to a 300ms repeat, split using an excellent Startouch A/B/Y pedal between a Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus and a Silverface Fender Princeton.

The Princeton has some tremolo and the JC-50 has a little reverb and the classic chorus effect engaged. Credit to John Jorgenson for the guitar part, taken from his solo in the Hellecasters version of Orange Blossom Special.