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Music :: This is My Jam


I’ve always been a fan of music-centric social networks, and although is really the only one that’s stuck around, it’s always fun to give a new one a go (new to me, at least – apparently This is My Jam has been around since late 2011, but I’m just getting round to joining now).

Anyway, I just posted my first ‘Jam’ on my freshly minted profile page.

As an aside, Cougar in the Workplace isn’t actually my current ‘Jam’, but the first test of any of these services is whether they support weird music that people don’t like very much, which they passed. My actual jam right now is the latest (2012) Com Truise album, specifically its opening track:


Bandtastic :: Cougar in the Workplace

(2007 – 2009)
Cougar in the Workplace was an instrumental band from Boston, MA. Mike, Andrew, Gray, and Carson played music to scumbag out to with your friends.

I found Cougar in the Workpace on a related-artists binge a couple of months ago (I think it started with Piglet, see below), which is still the best way I’ve found to get into a scene, man. (This scene happens to be ‘short-lived somewhat-mathy, somewhat-post-rocky, not very popular high-school-age bands from about 5 years ago’.) Anyway, this morning I happened across their YouTube account, which has some shaky cameraphone footage of a bar gig they played in 2009 and appears to confirm my diagnosis: bandtastic.

Dig that Telecaster with the mini-humbucker in the neck.