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Street League 2011 – Glendale

Street League 2011 is back, this time in Glendale, AZ. ESPN has moved the video feed back to the same content distribution server they used for the first stop of this year – the one with a 300 page indexing all the raw MP4 files.

There are four parts to the broadcast, and you can find the download links and embedded video after the break, ready for enjoyment completely unshackled from Flash Player (here is the 300 page for this stop).

Big thanks + credit to @SherdogUser for tweeting this one at me.


Street League 2011 – Seattle

Street League Skateboarding is back for 2011 – last year’s competition was awesome fun and they’ve changed up some of the rules for the 2011 competition.

What they’ve also done is host the clips on a server with a 300 page which lets you browse the .flv files available. This means you can download them for watching offline in VLC or your media player of choice.

I’m a big fan of street league and it’s awesome to see it back on the air!

Here’s the link for the ESPN site, and here’s where you can grab the files for download.

Or, if you’d prefer just to watch here the videos are after the break.

[UPDATE: Stop 2 available here]