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Hot Band :: Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes

I just discovered the amazing math / alt / post blog Fecking Bahamas via an interview they did with the amazing Town Portal and it turns out they regularly do amazing reviews of amazing bands. I will use the ‘Hot Band’ tag to chart the expansion of my iPod; already there have been a couple of great discoveries from this one source.

The first entry in this series is the greatly named and greatly music’d Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes, and their brand new album Grim Repercussions. They are from Australia, just like Pivixki and AC/DC.

A lot of bands use gratuitous echo as a crutch to draw some contrast with and bind together hyperactive rhythms into something resembling a song, but Captain Kickarse are refreshingly restrained with the former, and skilled enough to mix a ‘The Ocean’-style groove with the latter. A fine way to spend $12 AUD.

FZ :: Music vs War

“If ya wanna have a world of well performed orchestra music, you’re gonna have to spend the money to do it. Now, where ya gonna get the money? Well, you know, if you were to shut down some of these places that make tritium for nuclear warheads, which we don’t really need, you could have one hell of a musical culture in the United States just by shutting down … one! … of those facilities, which is making the environment polluted, and it is questionable whether we really need, we got plenty of nuclear warheads. We could blow up the world five times over right now. Why do we need to make more of this stuff? I’m baffled.”

FZ in 1989 – sounds like a win-win to me (source)

Music :: Clever Girl

Music is most interesting when it challenges you, which is why so much ‘relaxing’ music – a constant release with no counterpoint – is so excruciatingly dull.

Clever Girl is a total release, but one laced with hints of tension. Like a sweet, easy cocktail, where alcohol is an ephemeral aftertaste, or a kind of aggressive massage.

If you are adverse to anything with ‘easy listening’, ‘chillout’, or ‘smooth’ in the genre column, but are in need of something in which to rinse a frazzled brain, this EP might be just what you need.

Playlist is here, and you can download a RAR from here. (I wouldn’t ordinarily post Mediafire links, but one of the former band members actually linked it in the comments of one of the YouTube clips, a useful endorsement.)

Live Stream I :: The(e) Speaking Canaries :: The Joy of Wine

The Joy of Wine


So, I’ve been thinking about sharing cool and unusual music on the web (specifically on this website) in a cool and unusual way, and I want to give live streams a go. Just sitting and listening to an album the whole way through is a rare enough thing in the MP3 era anyway, so the primary goal is to get me to sit down and listen to something from start to finish. And just like I write this website for myself and if people want to read it then that’s cool too, doing a live stream of an album is an open invitation for anyone else to join in should they so desire.

Maybe we can get some kind of ‘internet music book club’ type vibe happening.

So without further ado, I’d like to cordially invite anyone who cares to my inaugural weirdo online listening party, the subject of which will be the amazing and supremely hip debut album by The(e) Speaking Canaries – The Joy of Wine. It will be held on this very website (I will have sort out a Ustream channel or something similar) at 10:30AM GMT, Saturday 22nd June 2013.


I’m postponing the first stream until later in the week, having found myself woefully under equipped for such an undertaking. Cables have been ordered.

Jamming ::


I went for a jam this evening for the first time in I truly, honestly cannot remember how long. We occasionally played the Doors, or Miles Davis, or the Rolling Stones, or Rage Against the Machine or others, but mostly just noodled, picked up a groove, and ran with it. It’s pretty crazy how much fun you can have playing the same chord for a quarter of an hour. It is to my great shame that I have neglected to play music with others since leaving college…and it’s something that needs to be redressed.

[Gear wise, the BFDR and TS808 get exponentially richer and more touch sensitive with higher volume. Two dirt pedals, Fender amp, Telecaster…the simple rig is pulling me back in! (Albeit a simple rig with MIDI switching and conditioned power.)]