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Tones :: Tele / Quadraverb / SDE-3000

Sold :: Fender Deluxe Reverb

Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp – £685

I’ve owned this amp from new, bought 2 years ago. I’ve just purchased a vintage Mesa/Boogie and can only afford to keep one amplifier, which sadly forces the sale of this great piece of gear.

2 channel amp, channel one (‘normal’) is slightly darker sounding, channel 2 (‘vibrato’) is slightly brighter and has the beautiful tremolo and classic Fender spring reverb that this amp is so well known for.

This is the best clean amp ever made – in my opinion superior to the Twin Reverb. The 6V6 output tubes are much more touch sensitive, which makes this a perfect partner for a good quality drive pedal (I’ve been using a Keeley Tubescreamer and it sounds incredible).

Amp is in perfect condition, home use only and never gigged. Always used with a Furman power conditioner and very well looked after. Comes in the original Fender box, and is supplied with original tremolo / reverb footswitch.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment, or email for more info – the amp is located in London.

Music :: OXES / Reverb Motherfuckers

My trawls of the web for new bands have been most fruitful of late, yielding as they have many excellent new discoveries. Because there’s so much good stuff, I’m going to start structuring my music posts a bit differently, picking a couple of new bands at a time from the latest crop, and spreading the posts out over a couple of weeks.


OXES is a sick three piece instrumental rock band from Baltimore, MD. Their music has elements of post rock, heaviness, riffs (memorable ones, too!), noise, a little mathiness, and a touch of prog, which reads like a list of Things That I Like in Rock Music. You can hear early Don Cab, Breadwinner, and RATM in there for sure.

One of the most interesting things about OXES is that they are a band who’s appeal is largely rhythmic, yet they lack half of a traditional rhythm section: two guitars up front, drums at the back, and no bass player. Testament, I suppose, to some of the best rhythm guitar playing I can think of. I have the OXES and OXXXES LPs, both of which have been very difficult to switch off. A vinyl copy of Bile Stbudy is on its way.

Reverb Motherfuckers

Or RMF for short. The band has a single album, Route 666, of which 666 copies were pressed in 1988. I have a thing for limited run, hand assembled vinyl already, so we’re off to a good start on the mojo front before even listening to the record. Apparently the band was part of the New York ‘Scum Rock’ scene in the late 80s, which looks to be an interesting corner to explore.

The disparate territory covered from track to track and sense of irony and humour throughout is very reminiscent of early Mothers recordings. This record has tape experiments, rock tracks, drum machines, garage punk, and it’s difficult not to be reminded of Burnt Weeny Sandwich when the album opens with an advert. (Of course, WPLJ was an expansion on a real commercial, and performed in earnest, while Highway to Hojos imagines a post apocalyptic trip to a family restaurant. It’s really good.)