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Tones :: Tele / Quadraverb / SDE-3000

For Sale :: Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus

Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus amp. This is a 50W 1×12 version of the JC-120 amp, and is much, much more portable.

Amazing sounding clean amp, beautiful reverb and legendary in built chorus sound.

£225 – email [redacted] No longer for sale, enjoy the pictures!




YouTube Picks: John Mayer, Way Huge

A couple of YouTube picks from this week, starting with this amazing look at John Mayer’s guitar rig. There’s some full-frontal Dumble action and 40 (!!) guitars on show, all in kinda-shaky 1080p HD. This is the rig John was touring with when I saw him in London a couple of years ago, and I can vouch for every single one of the considerable quantity of $$$ spent on this setup being absolutely worth it. Great player, great tone.

Sticking with the Way Huge Aqua-Puss theme, I happened across this amazing clip featuring some of the most exotic boutique delays out there. Scientific testing, quality recording and playing – really solid content. I’m very preoccupied with delays after hearing Mike Keneally’s tone on the Bakin’ at the Potato, so this video really hit the spot. The winner, for me, is the Roland SRE-555, but thinking practically I’ve dug the Aqua-Puss for ages now. Then again, the memory man is pretty sweet…this could get expensive.

More Roland Jazz Chorus JC-50

One of my YouTube clips from late 2009 of the Roland Jazz Chorus JC-50 amp. There’s really not that much content on this amp about online so I’ll be recording some more samples soon. For now, enjoy.

Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus Amplifier

Footage shot on the kitchen floor sometime last summer. Amazing clean amplifier with a legendary chorus sound and killer reverb.

Roland JC-50 / Fender Princeton in Stere-ero

My mission for this week is to record a new YouTube video. For now, here’s the last clip I uploaded back in August. I’m running a Telecaster into a BOSS DD-3 digital delay set to a 300ms repeat, split using an excellent Startouch A/B/Y pedal between a Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus and a Silverface Fender Princeton.

The Princeton has some tremolo and the JC-50 has a little reverb and the classic chorus effect engaged. Credit to John Jorgenson for the guitar part, taken from his solo in the Hellecasters version of Orange Blossom Special.