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iMac Waking Itself Up [Solved]

My main desktop for the last couple of years has been a 24″ Apple iMac. While performance and reliability have been nothing less than bulletproof for the entire time I’ve had it, there is one really irritating problem that it’s suffered with for absolutely ages – and up until a few weeks ago went unsolved.

The Problem

I use the machine every day, so I only ever send it to sleep rather than going through a full shut down. Unfortunately, it developed the very annoying habit of waking itself up in the middle of the night, sometimes for a couple of seconds only (spinning up the drives and fans, but not fully waking) but sometimes waking completely and staying that way.

The Solution

1. Launch ‘System Preferences’

2. Load the ‘Energy Saver’ preference panel

3. Uncheck ‘Wake for network access’

Hopefully this will solve this annoying problem for you. My computer had been doing this for over 2 years now (possibly coinciding with my upgrade to Snow Leopard?) – since unchecking the network access box a couple of weeks ago it’s been behaving itself perfectly.

Web & Coding Tools for Mac OS X

Here’s three essential tools for anyone who uses Mac OS X for coding or remote admin.

FTP: FileZilla

If you work on a remote machine of any sort the chances are you’re going to need to send files to and from your local terminal.

FileZilla is not just the best open source FTP client I’ve ever used, it’s the best FTP client I’ve ever used period – it’s fast, free and dead easy to use, as well as being available for all three major platforms. I can’t recommend the Mac OS X version highly enough – it’s essential.

You can grab the latest version of FileZilla here, and remember, it’s donation-ware so if you love it, hit up PayPal and help out.




Using a PC keyboard in OS X

I’ve spent today reinstalling Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) on my iMac and I came across one particular bug regarding the keyboard map I was using.

I replaced my Apple Graphite Pro keyboard (PowerMac G4-era) about a year ago with my new favourite keyboard, the Dell QuietTouch, which was bundled at the time with any old £300 desktop system.

There’s never been a problem using this ‘board with the Mac OS before, but since reinstalling, the usual method of remapping a Windows keyboard to feel a bit more natural to a Mac user didn’t seem to be working.

Here’s the usual method:

  1. Load System Preferences -> Keyboard
  2. Hit the ‘Modifier Keys’ button, and switch Option and Command
  3. Hit OK and quit System Preferences

This maps the keys either side of your PC keyboard spacebar (Alt/Alt Gr) to act in place of the Command key, while the Windows keys take up the duty of the Option keys. This mirrors what you’ll find on any standard Apple keyboard.

No matter how many times I tried, however, I couldn’t get this to work – it would save the settings, and then just act as it had before. To fix this, I used this program – DoubleCommand. It’s from SourceForge, so the documentation/user-friendliness is not necessarily perfect, but it does the job. The preference pane appears to have all sorts of options, but if you just want to use a PC keyboard and are having trouble:

  1. Install DoubleCommand
  2. Launch System Preferences -> DoubleCommand
  3. Deselect ‘Enter Key acts as Command Key’
  4. Select ‘Command Key acts as Option Key’ and ‘Option Key acts as Command Key’
  5. Save as ‘User’, and then ‘System’ (only save as ‘User’ if you share the computer/don’t want this keymap for every user)
  6. Press ‘Activate’

And we’re done. Useful tool for solving an annoying problem.