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Mac OS X Terminal Alternative – iTerm 2

I was pointed to iTerm a couple of weeks ago by a commenter in response to a post about running Xterm in fullscreen under Mac OS X. The software is still in beta, so I’ve been road testing it to see if it could be a viable alternative to the Mac OS’ or Xterm.

I’m delighted to report that, although it is still in beta, iTerm 2 has proven to be very stable, and has a ton of features which I’m sure any CLI Mac user will be absolutely delighted with – in fact, I’ve made the switch from on all of my Macs. Here’s a quick preview of my three favourite features.


Full Screen Terminal in Mac OS X

It seems that I’m not the only one who finds the tinsel of an operating system GUI distracting when I’m trying to concentrate on some work. While many Linux distributions allow you to fullscreen a Terminal window, Mac OS X’s does not provide you with such an option. Although I did (briefly) consider rebooting into single-user mode (which starts OS X with a BSD shell), it seemed like a better idea to try and find out if anybody has already had the same thought as I, which led me to a great solution over at

In order to enact this process yourself you’ll need X11 and the Mac OS X Developer tools installed.